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Sep 8, 2020 | News

A personal gift for my brother Joe of a wall sculpture which I made from the pages of his eccentric hand written scribbles in his diary.

I began by collecting 100 pages from his diary and asked him to make me 8 Origami birds also from pages of his mad diary. I added his paper birds to the art work, these birds had a special meaning because Joe always made the birds when we were kids in Brazil.

With the other pages I made varied shapes by scrunching, folding and rolling the paper thinking about how someone would in an office environment handle paper. This is how the collage of my brother’s famous crazy diary came to be. Instead of framing the art work, I sealed the paper pages with a protective medium and then painted 20 or more coats of resin to harden and protect the delicate scrunched, folded and rolled diary pages.

The hardest part of this project was to get Joe to part with his diary pages! 😂 Although the scribes don’t make any sense to the viewer to him these scribbles are his precise system and order in his life, asking him to part with the diary pages was challenging.

So much joy and making gifts of love. 🌹🎁❤

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